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    Hi, welcome to our GMC Photographics Blog.

    Have a look around and i hope that you find some of our articles useful.
    Naturally, we write to help advertise our features and skills, but we get a
    large amount of photographers that look over our web site and pages who are
    inspired by our work and keep coming back for more.

    Many seem to like our style or approach, others just like to have a look.

    Some of our articles are gear oriented; we use a lot of expensive and rare
    lenses...often these are the source of a fair amount of interest.
    Other articles are directed at Brides and Grooms, trying to help them
    make the best of their wedding day.

    If you want to see just our wedding blogs, choose "Weddings" from the category option. It'll list all of our recent weddings.

    We have a number of Venue Reviews that are intended to help couples see a wedding venue from a photographic point of view and show case the virtues of that particular venue.

    Kind Regards,

    Gareth Cooper

An afternoon at Gigrin’s Farm – Red Kites!

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Friends of Brazil 2015

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Beccie and Douglas’ wedding at Purton House

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Jackie and Richard


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A day with Guy at the Hawk Conserve

I got a short notice offer for a day’s workshop in Andover, shooting birds of prey. It was an amazing day and a great opportunity.┬áThe weather was quite tricky, a little over cast with a few sunny spells. But it was very windy which made the bird’s flight quite erratic. I still manage some very […]

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