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Cromer Pier

I have to say that every time I visit Cromer Pier my heart leaps for joy. It’s an amazingly rich locale for landscape photos and it offers so much in a very small town.

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B&W 650nm Infrared

After purchasing a Eos 450D camera which was converted to 650nm Infrared some years ago, I’ve only recently had the time to look into the post production process for the RAW files. I predominantly use Adobe Light Room as my photo editor of choice and it’s not ideally suited for Infrared Raw conversion. It’s particularly […]

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Visiting Norwich for a few months

What an amazing city, a cool river, Edwardian and Tudor houses every where, two Cathedrals, a castle, a University, an airport and amazing history! I’ve relocated here for a while to do some IT work for Dell / NCC. So it’s a good opportunity to explore the photographic richness that this amazing city and surrounding […]

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The Starlings – Family photoshoot

I first photographed for Anna and Alex for their wedding day a number of years back and they contacted me about photographing their family, which I was more than thrilled about! They have two lovely children and we had a fun time capturing their lovely smiles. We split their photography across two days due to […]

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The Gathering 2017

CVM asked me to cover their big three day event in a field near Swindon. I did some work for CVM a number of years ago but as my wedding photography gathered momentum, I was finding it hard to be available for the long weekend. But these days I have more free time and they […]

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