Katrina and Craig’s Marsh Farm Hotel Wedding

Boy did it rain! It’s rare for the english weather to rain all day, but pretty much that’s what happened. Although the weather was unkind, it didn’t dampen their day and a warm and lively atmosphere was certainly felt all day. Cheery and fun despite what the heavens did to us all. Many guests had some problems getting off the M4 due to a nasty crash, but everyone arrived in good time.

Leanne and I arrived early at Marsh Farm Hotel for a quick reccie and a spot of light lunch. It’s a stunning venue and certainly one of the nicer venues in north Wiltshire. The Russian Ivy over the buildings was a dazzling array of vermilion and green hues. Soon it was time to us to split up and track down Katrina and Craig. Katrina was in the bridal suite enjoying a glass of bubbly while  Sarah got into her bridesmaids dress. She looked stunning and even painted her nails to match her dress. Katrina slipped on her dress and she looked fabulous. Her curls in her hair looked great.  

Craig, Rob and Henry dressed their boys with relative ease and the boys were very well behaved, considering their ages and their fun loving nature, I think they were amazing! Soon it was time to meet the registrars and for the service to begin.

It was a lovely ceremony, only hampered by a heavy handed view of photography through the ceremony. The last two weddings that we’ve shot have been like this, which is always a disappointment. But we abide by their rules…as best we can. The ceremony was well ordered and I have to say, the children were again a delight.

Then we moved to the Clarenden Suite, where the bar was certainly popular and the air was willed with lively chatter and banter. The sit down area was well prepared for the speeches.  Henry gave a short and heartfelt speech, very moving and to the point. Craig’s address was laced with a wry wit. Rob and Rob gave an amusing double act speech which was very funny and well timed, although I think Craig got off quite lightly!  Thankfully, the weather gave us a rest bite, so we took our formals outside in front of the main house and then we had time for a few portraits…oh the Russian ivy! Then it was time for their cake cutting and first dance. Kat and Craig had prepared a snappy dance routine and certainly had some moves! A fun dance and soon the floor was filled and 247 rocked us all! Kat and Craig’s day was filled with lots of time for socialising and chatting, which is a great way to spend you wedding day.

Katrina and Craig’s wedding collection is now available to view and purchase. their password is their new Surname:

Katrina and Craig’s wedding Gallery

 Here’s a few of our favorites from their day….so many great shots to choose from: