B&W 650nm Infrared

After purchasing a Eos 450D camera which was converted to 650nm Infrared some years ago, I’ve only recently had the time to look into the post production process for the RAW files. I predominantly use Adobe Light Room as my photo editor of choice and it’s not ideally suited for Infrared Raw conversion. It’s particularly troublesome with the channel swap process and the extreme while balance shifts that need to be applied. So I did some research and took some advice and created custom Eos 450D IR profile and that seems to have been the solution. So..armed with my new process…it was time to get out and shoot some IR stuff. The technique particularly likes bright summery sunny days with lots of leaf foliage. The unprocessed files have an interesting brown / blue colour cast from the fake colours, which I also like a lot. But what I’m really interested in are the black inky skies and white foliage. The available contrast range is massive, the exposure can be tricky too and the files require (and can handle) really extreme adjustment.  But what is very clear is that each file requires it’s own specific post prod to extract the best…there’s no blanket / default setting here. These images really are an equal combination of shooting and post editing.