The Gathering 2017

CVM asked me to cover their big three day event in a field near Swindon. I did some work for CVM a number of years ago but as my wedding photography gathered momentum, I was finding it hard to be available for the long weekend. But these days I have more free time and they called me to see If I was available. It was a great weekend and the first time I’ve covered their event in a tent. It was great to see their ministry so fully formed and so great to see so many christian fellas having such a great time. It was awesome to see so many men find Jesus for the first time. There was a lot of laughs every day, some amazing testimonies and some great ministry. The worship was brilliant, led by the legendary Graham Kendrick. We had lots of activities on offer between ministrations, 4×4 buggies, rock climbing, football, real ale tasting, axe throwing, chess, table tennis, several Olympic world record attempts….Darts….Graham Kendrick look alike competition…we even had a Spitfire and a hurricane fly by. We had support from the Police Riot squad…the RAF, army and Navy. But best of all was to hear Carl Beech on form, leading scores of men to the cross on Saturday night. A stunning weekend and a joy to be a small part of it. They are doing it all again next year…if you are a fella…go sign up.