Return to London

I’ve been back to London a few times over the last few months for some more landscape work. The day time is quite short this time of year, but that does mean catching twilight and disk are quite manageable hours of the day. This time I found myself around Vauxhall Bridge near Victoria for a rather dull sunrise…or maybe I should call that day break. There was no sun! Then I went to Buckingham Palace and on to Pall Mall and Admiralty Arch. Another day, I finally got to Temple Church. I’ve attempted it three times so far and this time it was a success. Well worth the £5 admittance fee. The tower at Monument was nice and overcast, great with a fisheye lens. I found the area around St Pauls in the rain to be nice, I got a few wet reflections and I really like shooting St Pauls from the building opposite. I was passing St Lincoln’s inn crypt so I re-visited that shot again, this time shot from the other end of the area.