A day with Guy at the Hawk Conserve

I got a short notice offer for a day’s workshop in Andover, shooting birds of prey. It was an amazing day and a great opportunity. The weather was quite tricky, a little over cast with a few sunny spells. But it was very windy which made the bird’s flight quite erratic. I still manage some very strong images. There’s a great variety of species and it’s an amazing place to visit. The group were really nice and a good range from keen amateur to seasoned pro. Which helps everyone learn and grow. I’m particularly pleased with the Barn Owl in flight and the feeding Peregrine shots. They made the day very special for me. The light level got quite low so my iso was a little higher than I’d like, but sometimes, you have to do what you have to do to get the shots.

This little guy landed on the end of my Wildlife lens

These two images were kindly captured by Edo Schmidt, an experienced  photographer on the same workshop. Edo took some great shots on the day and his website shows lots of his fine work www.edoschmidt.co.uk