A day with Trevor, Juliana and Mary

Recently, I’ve had a number of requests for portrait shoots. Today was a shoot with Trevor, Juliana and Mary. It was a spectacularly sunny, clear blue skies, perfect sun-stars but quite high wind and tricky lighting due to the sun. We hoped to shoot against some seasonal flowers, but bluebells haven’t flowered yet and all the daffodils are spent. So what to do? Well….Cherry blossom has just bloomed and there’s a great Cherry tree at one of my favorite portrait locations, near where I live. It was a fun day and we had a lot of fun at our location…it’s very easy place to shoot in and the cream teas were excellent after 😀 Very civilized! We made use of the sun star for a few shots, but the real fun was with the Cherry tree. Trevor and Juliana are full of fun and are very playful. I think that’s easily seen in the photos! They have a real love for life and a deep love for God!