CVM-2010 Conference


As a studio, we support CVM, who are a Christian ministry with a heart for men’s spiritual needs and welfare. CVM sometimes have had a big conference in Coventry, where they literally hire out the most of the campus. It’s a huge do and a lot of fun. The site is like a small village and about 450 fellas from every christian variation imaginable all descend. We have a lot of laughs and deal with a lot of issues that can be difficult to tackle in some church environments. The modern church can be quite a girly place, so it’s great to flex a bit of male worship and banter. On sunday, we break a Man Sized loaf for instance. We have been CVM’s official conference photographers for the last 5 years and this year we are again very honoured to cover their event. Although this is likely to be their last large conference for a while, leaving the bigger conferences for when they have a really big anouncement to make, with regional one day events all over the country to publish their regular yearly message. This year’s conference coverage included the main event, numerous smaller seminars, driving sessions and very importantly…the licensed bar. The Friday night drink is a legend! This year was quite good and I wobbled to bed at about 1am most nights!

This year we were deeply moved by the teaching and worship, it was a joy to see the return of Graham Kendrick….but that’s coz I’m an old charismatic at heart. Friday night was a banquet, the food was excellent, but the food for thought was a lot deeper. Barry Woodward led a moving and testimony of an ex-raver and drug addict with a message that hit like a train. He called an altar call that was deeply stiring. We then hit the bar for drinkies, chat and a chance to catch up with oild friends.

I have to confess that I didn’t make it to the morning devotions, which was certainly my loss. But the morning breakfast was a great motivator. Workship was lead by Graham Kendrick and his tallented band, every time I hear them play, I feel re-educated in worship….amazing stuff and a far cry from…no I won’t say it. On Saturday night, he treated us to an hour of Psalm surfing….fantastic stuff. Anthony Delaney ran the morning session and his teaching and insights were very solid. Dietzy hosted with his usual panache (…oh and Iain, soz about the press ups bud!) while Steve Legg kept us entertained was we waited between sessions. The seminars were really varied in scope and with a strong emphasis on modern evangelism and Men’s ministry. Mark Mitchell brought a number of hot and scortching cars, which were on hand for a test drive and it was great to hook up with Dave Rogers with his new mad GroovyBooth….a lot of fun! I had some one to one time with Andy Economides (the man with the most impossible name) and it was great to hear about his school. Andy led the main sessions last year and is a great speaker. Late on Saturday night Graham Cole gave us a brief insight to his colourfull life as an actor, although I think we barely scratched the surface. A quick half (ish) in the bar and another chance to socialise.

Again I missed morning devotions…can you see a pattern here? Deitzy led the Big Sunday and his guest were amazing. Luke Smith told of his week long cage endevour and Nick Battle’s testimony was so moving that it left many in tears. Carl Beech gave an amazing and challenging talk and formally anounced Codelife. Anthony broke some man sized bread, no girly baps here…and we shared communion as a large band of brothers. The worship and ministry time was deep and moving. It’s been an epic conference, with some real giants in attendance. It’s been a weekend of change and a call for action. 

The CVM 2010 Conference photos are now live. The Password is really easy…go on…guess….You are welcome to buy any photos from our Client site. All profits will go to support CVM. There’s a three for two offer on at the moment, so buy lots of piccys and support your CVM team:

Here’s a few of our favorite photos from this year’s epic event: