Photographing Landscapes in Dorset with Guy Edwardes

It’s great to be able to find time to end my photographic season with a landscape workshop. This time it’s in Dorset and run by my good friend Guy Edwardes. I’ve been on a similar workshop a few years back, but this time it’s a different time of year and hopefully the weather will offer different opportunities. I always get great photo opportunities on Guys workshops. Since posting this diary entry, I’ve re-worked a number of images. I had limited time on the workshop so some of my post production was a little rushed. Since then, I’ve had some time to tweek and improve a few photographic issues!

Day 5

Another early start to the day, with a very mild but windy shoot at Portland Bill light house. These went really well and I’m very pleased with the results. As soon as we got in the car to head off for breakfast it started to rain heavily….so we retired for a bit of photo-shopping until launch and then headed home…it was an amazing week and a great workshop…a lot of fun and some great photos.

Day 4

A rather overcast and drab day. Wells Cathedral was a box of photographic delights today! I made good use of my fisheye and TS-e lenses. The great thing about photographing in Wells Cathedral, it that it’s warm, dry and has a great cafe…..shoot for an hour…have a cuppa and 2nd breakfast….shoot for another hour….and repeat!

Day 3

Today was quite foggy, a little mist is usually quite nice. A lot of it is quite problematic. We started at Corfe Castle and pretty quickly moved one once it was light enough to see that it wasn’t visible through the fog. After driving, Guy headed us to Bridport. We spent a while there photographing a number of scenes there and we then visited the River Cottage Garden cafe (very nice) for breakfast. We headed to Beer harbor for some boat photos on the beach, I was a little tired and groggy and guy helped me with one of my compositions. A tin of Red Bull soon focused my mind again. We then headed back to Kimmeridge for the hope of a great sunset. I’ve added a number of shots from Kimmeridge to show the variety of colours which were displayed through out the evening. Although the sunset wasn’t ideal and lacked a clear sun on the horizon, there were some good photo opportunities available. The last two images were taken at iso 1600 with 120 second exposures!  If you see a slight change in some of my recent post productions, I’ve recently been experimenting with the in camera HDR feature on my Canon 5DIII. It’s not bad, four of the shots below are out of the camera Jpegs. There’s a little darkening around the sun, which is a pity. Today was definitely the  day of the 16-35 II L.

Day 2

The weather was very over cast today and a little cold too. We started at Portland Bill lighthouse, which was really nice and we centered the rest of the day around the Shaftesbury area.  The light was a little flat for Gold hill, but other scenes worked well. We ended with a “painting with light” technique on an old abandoned Norman church. I used a TS-e 17mm and Guy showed me a great technique for getting the shift function right using the in built spirit level…works really well! All in all, a busy day of photography and very productive. It was good to get to know Peter and Andrew a little better. I used the 24-70 II L a bit, but my 70-200 saw the most use. It was a long lens sort of day. I used my fish eye a few times.

Day 1

It’s nice getting up at a more civilized time to catch an early morning sunrise. Kimmeridge bay was particularly nice and a very nice sunset through Durdle Door. A great way to start a week of photography. The light in the evening was very nice. I’ve added a number of shots here to show the changing colour of the light displayed. I made good use of my hired 24-70 f2.8 II L and my fisheye lenses.