Slovenia – Winter 2010!

I’m really excited to announce that I’ll be spending the next five days in snowy Slovenia with Guy Edwardes,
Shooting frozen waterfalls, snowy and misty landscapes in Lake Bled, Kranska Gora and Primoz. Guy is an extremely talented photographer and one of my landscape heroes. His work has had a huge influence on me,
Please take a look at his web site I had the privilege of shooting with him last last year in Cornwall and we did Slovenia during the Autumn 2008…which was truly stunning. If anyone¬†wants to get married in, or near Lake Bled…please let me know…I’ll do you an excellent deal!
I love shooting Landscapes and it’s great to shoot a completely different genre of photography. Although some of the techniques are useful when shooting venues,
it’s certainly a different discipline. I’ll post a few of my favs here, once I’ve dried out!
I’m hoping to add daily updates from Slovenia, but last time I was there, internet access was very limited.