Wedding Show – 5th September 2010

We proud to announce that we are displaying our products at the De Verre Hotel Wedding show on Sunday 5h of September. If you are thinking of getting married, getting married or just fancy a chat, come and drop by. We’ll be there from 10 am until 3 pm and it’d be great to meet. Both Leanne and myself will be there and we’d love to see you!

The Hotel is in Swindon, near the Link centre and it would be great to meet up, see some albums and chat about your plans. Our last two Wedding show was very popular and we’re hopping that this one will be even better! It’s our first wedding show of the season, so it’s a great opportunity to meet up and see our work up close. We usually get very busy after a Wedding show and our diary fills up really quick. So if you are considering booking us, please do so earlier than later as we hate to dissapoint. Several key dates for 2010 have gone already and once it’s booked, that date is gone.

Remember that anyone that books us from seeing us at a 2010 wedding show, gets a free 16×24″ canvas wrap with their booked wedding shoot…talk about a bargain! So pop along and lets chat!


What a great day! What a fantastic start to the new season of wedding shows. We were so busy! Some of you girls were so keen! Leanne and I hardly had time to finish our lunch….in fact I don’t think i even touched mine! We had a steady stream of folk all day long. Sally from ADP Weddings put on a great show We met about 50 couples all at different stages of their wedding planning, some for this year, some for next year. We even chatted to a few for 2013 who were still putting down their very early plans. We had a great time chatting to you all and loved meeting you. We heared some wonderfull stories and I’m sure there is a lot more to come too! We’ve noticed that this year has a trend back to church weddings although Civil ceremonies is still very popular. It was really nice to see a few familiar faces too.

You are welcome to drop us a call and arrange to come around to our studio in north Swindon, have cuppa and see a few complete weddings. Please call soon because our diary is filling up fast. This wedding show is likely to generate a lot of interest and we are still getting enquiries from some of our weddings during the year. So if you want to see what the fuss is about…give us a call sooner than later. On your promotional CD’s is our address and contact details, a booking form, to book us (assuming we are free on your date) fill out the form, sign it and send us a booking cheque. Remember that once a date is booked, it’s booked and we are done with that date.

Our next wedding show is at the Homewood Park Hotel in Bath. (BA2 7TB for you satnav users) on Sun 19th September. It’s a new venue for us and we’re really excited to see what photographic opportunities it can offer. Come a drop by and say Hi if you fancy a chat. We’d love to see you!