Day Two at Lands End With Guy

I'm having a fantastic time here at Lands End with Guy Edwardes. It is unbelivebly wet and windy, but that's exactly what we came here for…wind swept light houses, with 70ft waves. Shot from a mile away with a really really long lens (try a 1000mm sometime).

We went back to the same beach as yesterday, we felt that there was some more compositions to be discovered there. Again, the light was tough, but we got a few shafts of golden setting light between our soakings. Which made our results even more precious.

Once the sun had set, we made our way to an old Tin mine, and tried another "painting with light" effect with a 10 million candle light torch. This time, our eye was turned to a reflection in a puddle. I'm very pleased with the results.

Tomorrow is my last day…unfortunatly. But it does feel like we've been here for a whole week already and it's been epic!