Just back from our family ‘oliday 2010

Hi, we’ve just got back from South Provance. Our family holiday in the sun. It was hot! 100F was quite comon, as was sipping cool beers and chilling in the pool. The food was mostly excellent and quite unexpectedly, I had the best Burger I have ever tasted in Frejus. Some of the villages up in the hills and mountains were stunning and very very rustic. San Raphael was very touristy, which was a pity but Grasse and Bognols et Foret had an eccentric charm of their own.  We stumbled upon Tourettes and had to refrain from embarassing ourselves….We had a great time, a “flop and drop” sort of holiday. We all needed a de-stress, so we wasn’t too fussed about sight seeing. All four of us got great sun tans and it’s first time I’ve seen Pete with any colour at all! He’s  really looking a hansome lad!  

I’m a little bit behind with my workflow and emails, so please be patient with me!