Alison and Jason’s wedding at Newbury Manor Hotel

What a sunny and beautiful day! Phew! What a scortcher! We had blue skies all day with hardly any cloud at all. A day for a liberal dose of factor 20. I had a lot of fun shooting Alison and Jason’s wedding. It was one of the most relaxed weddings that I’ve photographed and was a real treat. A lovely atmosphere and a great crowd of people and certainly a highlight to my photographic year.

Alison and Jason chose the Newbury Manor Hotel as their ceremony and reception venue, a very smart choice. So I started early to take a morning reccie and check any schedule changes. I met up with Jason in the car park, around 10:15 who had arrived in Nigel’s car, with their suits. Nigel looked very cool and his trilby hat and sun glasses…dare I say a little spiv….I certainly wouldn’t buy a used car from this chap! I met up with Elliot, our duty manager for the day. Elliot had the whole day under control with a calming charm. Elliot really was quite amazing and totally looked after every one. No request was too much or too little, perfect. I wandered around the estate to see how the light was working and bumped into Jason at the bar in the Bistro. Nothing like a ice cold Peroni to settle some early nerves. I shared a welcome drink with Jason and Nigel as he hammered out his best man’s speech, not that Jason was allowed to see it….6 sides of A4….uh oh! So I made my way off to find Alison, who was in room 6 awaiting the Bridal suite to be prepared for them. Alison was in good cheer and very excited. After a quick room change, her preparations were under way. A glorious 4 poster bed, spacious room and a fantastic view of the gardens, a perfect choice. A glass of bubbly on hand for Alison as she got ready. It’s a great way to break the ice and calm some nerves. Kirsty was on hand to help and Megan was a real sweetie. Dressed up in her posh frock, happy smiles and freckles…page boys look out! Soon enough it was time for Alison to put her dress on, I was banished out of the room but when I returned, Alison looked absolutely stunning.  The vibe was very laid back and well paced. Soon enough it was time to maker her way down to the Lamborne room to meet the Registrar.

The ceremony was conducted in the Highclere room and looked great. Nice and cool with good lighting. Our registrar ran a smooth and ordered 1pm ceremony, well paced and very nice. She gave me a free rein to move about and shoot at my pleasure. Shooting without a flash always goes down well with registrars, available light is the way to shoot! The service was very moving and certainly an  intimate moment. Before long, it was time to be outside and time for pims all round. The sun light was a little harsh and the heat of the day was beating down on us. So I took the guests under the large evergreen tree for some shade. It was a great place, just enough breeze to cool us down, the bar was quite close and all of the guest had room to mingle and take photos. The formals photos worked well under the tree and we had a lot of fun taking them. With lots of time for chatting and catching up with friends and relatives in between group photos. The page boys found big sticks and climbed trees and the girls sat and played and talked. Top marks here to the staff at the Newbury Manor Hotel, they really looked after us and served drinks on the lawn. Nigel helped me to round up the guests for photos….in between his peroni’s….naturally! I shot the big group photo from Alison and Jason’s bridal room and their confetti photo in the main entrance to the hotel. They both worked out brilliantly.

Bang on time, Alison and Jason’s guests departed to the Ardlington suite for their 3pm wedding breakfast. Alison and Jason stopped by the bar for a private few minutes (over a nice drink I might add) and were warmly welcomed into their Wedding Breakfast by their guests. The room looked stunning, beautifully laid out placings and the orchids features looked fantastic! Again, the staff at the Newbury Manor hotel really looked after every one and very much under Elliot’s watchfull eye. The food was excellent, as was the service. It was a little hot in there, but vibe was really nice. Soon enough it was time for speeches and toasts. Alison’s Dad’s speach was quite short and very moving. Jason’s speech was even more moving and drew a tear from most of our eyes. Nigel’s speach was erm…4 pages and very long…but utterly engaging! Very witty and had me in stitches on more than one occasion. I love the giant flip chart with the big piccies….The horse! The Batman outfit! The story of the sausage….I think I’ll leave it there….

We departed to the lawn for some afternoon drinkes and again the mood was very chirpy and laid back. A lovely place to be and the late afternoon sun was filling everyone with a mellow light.  I took Alison and Jason off for some private portraits in the grounds and more guests arrived for the cutting of the cake and the evening disco. There was a relaxed tone to the evening and a great social moment. Alison and Jason cut their delightfull cake and moved to the dance floor for their first dance. Soon the whole palce was dancing and it was time for me to depart and leave their guests to enjoy their rocking evening. It was great chatting to family and guests during the day and it was so nice to be accepted as a member of their wedding party, not just as a photographer. My day was filled with a lot of fun and emotion, I laughed and cried and I hope my photographs have captured these moments.

Alison and Jason’s wedding photographs are now available to view and purchase. It’s  passworded, so drop me an email if you need to know what it is:


Here is a selection of my 25 favorite photos from the day: