Natalie and Grant’s Wedding at the Kingdom Hall in Chepstow and Berkeley Castle

What a fantastic day we had photographing Natalie and Grant’s amazing wedding at the Kingdom Hall in Chepstow and then their reception at Berkeley Castle. As I look over the photographs that we shot, there is a lightness and fun which really summed up their day. The weather was particularly stunning, especially considering how changeable  it had been through the week…and this year has been very random with the weather. We had some stunning moments throughout their day, and I had a really hard job choosing the photos for this blog, with such eye candy here.  From the delightful cobbled streets of Chepstow, shots of their Rolls Royce crossing the Seven Bridge to the enchanting Berkeley Castle and a really nice bunch of friends and family. What more could a photographer ask for?

I dropped Leanne off at The Marriot in Saint Pierre Park (funnily enough, I had photographed a few years back for a commercial client) to meet up with Grant and the Bridal party fr some photos of them getting ready and larking about. A really nice bunch of lads and Leanne caught some great moments. Grant, Craig, Omar, Christian, Dave, Alwyn and Tobi looked very smart in their morning suits…and I loved the canes, tripping the light fantastic! I drove over to Gwyneth’s house in Caldicot, to photograph Natalie and her Bridesmaids getting ready. The atmosphere when I arrived was bubbly and excited. Natalie’s littlest bridesmaids were having their hair done as I arrived and were quite shy at first….very cute! Kimberly pulled Alicia from behind the door a number of times, as she tried to hide away. Meanwhile, Daisy was loving the camera!  I took a few nice shots of  Natalie’s fabulous dress while Natalie had her hair and make up done by the very tallented Charmaine of SheerGlam.  Lauren, Serena, Kiri, Liddie and Tess were getting into their Bridesmaids dresses…they looked lovely in their matching pink dresses.  It was then time for Natalie to get into her dress and she looked pretty amazing! Everyone looked so glamorous! Very soon Natalie’s black over Cream 1938 Rolls Royce 10/25 arrived as her carriage for the day. This stunning motor was in immaculate condition and supplied by Henrietta Vintage Car hire who have delightfully named her Laura. Soon it was time to depart to the Kingdom Hall in Chepstow for their ceremony.

After a really nice drive from Caldicot to Chepstow, we arrived at the Kingdom Hall in good time. This was the first Witness wedding that I’d covered and I have to say that I was really looking forwards to photographing it. Chris led the ceremony and as Natalie got out of the car and met with her Bridesmaids outside, a number of the guests were trying to make Chris smile break his serious look. It certainly worked and Chris gave us all a beaming smile…nice work girls!  Natalie sent her Bridesmaids down the aisle first and then she started her long walk with Gwyneth. Every eye turned and when Grant turned to see her i think he was really quite speechless. Chris led a very Bible led address and ceremony. There was real emotion in the room as they gave their vows and exchanged rings. Soon it was time for the couple to walk down the aisle together as man and wife. They signed their register in a room the left at the back of the Hall and then it was time to depart in style in their Roller.

Due to an accident, the north bridge was closed, so we detoured to the south bridge and I dropped the roof on my Jag and I caught some great photos of them crossing the Seven bridge. We arrived at  Berkeley Castle in good time and enjoyed an ice cream while we photographed guests arriving. We grabbed a few great shots of Grant and Natalie in front of the Castle next to the car…it looked so good. We let everyone chat for a while and I had some fun photographing Kimberly, Alicia and Daisy running about in the grounds. They were having so much fun and had lost their shyness. They were very easy to photograph too. We then took Natalie and Grant off for some private portraits in the grounds, while the staff took their guests around the castle on tours to see the building and learn of it’s history. We photographed their large group shot in front of the hall just before their wedding breakfast, bang on time and had everyone rounded up and ready. After their guest were seated, it was time for Natalie and Grant’s grand entrance. The food was excellent and the service was exceptional. The speeches went well and were very entertaining. Gwyneth was first with her Mother of the Bride speech, followed by Grant and a few moments where Chris got hold of the Mic off Grant, which was very funny. Craig stole the show with his multimedia presentation / speech and was very funny and really made us all laugh, he put Grant in a few uncomfortable spots during his address but all in good fun. We then broke for coffee  and I took the bridal party and family out into the courtyard for their formal photographs. These went well and there were a few flying angels…ahem….little bridesmaids with wings jumping around. We took the happy couple, their ushers and bridesmaids out into the grounds for some fun shots, you guys were a lot of fun and we literally photographed until the sun set and the light had left us all. The conga in front of the castle is a picture that I really will never forget. We all returned to the hall for their cake cutting and first dance. The light was very low, so I set up a pair of flashes to add a little sparkle to their dancing photographs. These turned out really well and added a fitting end to a fantastic day of wedding photography.

 Natalie and Grant’s official wedding photos are now available to view and purchase, please click on the link below. If you want to know their password,  leave me your email address and I’ll let you know……or you can easily guess, it’s their new married name!

Natalie and Grant’s Wedding Gallery

 We’ve really had a problem choosing photos for our blog…there’s just SO many stunning photographs to choose from! But here are quite a few that have really caught our eye: