Matt and Michelle’s Whatley Manor Wedding

What a beautiful day! The weather was stunning! We had a lot of fun shooting Matt and Michelle’s intimate wedding and it was a nice contrast from some of the larger and more complex weddings that we’ve covered in recent weeks.

We started our day at Whatley Manor to take a morning reccie and check any detail changes and then I dropped Leanne off at St Nicholas church in Bromham for 12:00 to wait for Matt and his best man’s arrival. I drove to Janet’s house to catch some of Michelle’s morning preps. To my surprise, Michelle was already made up and in her dress…looking very stunning and very eager! I took Michelle, Jan and Gemma out for some portraits near by. It’s a great way to break the ice and calm some nerves. The vibe was very laid back and well paced…even time for a quick snack on some french rolls. Soon enough a beautiful White Rolls arrived, which was a bit of surprise! It was supposed to be a grey Bentley…which had apparently broken down. Well, it might not have been the car that she chose, but it was a nice looking car and very easy to photograph…and it certainly got Michelle and Janet to the church on time!

St Nicholas is a beautiful church and the minister is a well renown Bishop, who led one of the nicest Anglican services that I’ve been too. He carried a lovely mixture of Anglican presence and friendly banter. The Bishop is a local celeb and has been on numerous TV shows of late. He pretty much gave me free reign to move and shoot…this Bishop should be a saint! The service was very very moving…Matt leaked a tear during his vows to Michelle…which in turn turned my eye to water too. Their registrar signing was performed in a separate altar and was enclosed, which was a lovely and intimate moment. before long, it was time to be outside and time for some photos. Light was harsh and the heat of the day was beating down. So we took the formals indoors, while refreshments were served. A nice touch and it certainly made the formals a lot of fun. Top marks here to the Ushers, you did a great job and brought the formals groups to us brilliantly.

Matt and Michelle arrived a little later than planned to Whatley Manor and the white Rolla certainly looked very in place. The reception courtyard is such a nice place. The staff at Whatley Manor were very friendly and warm on their arrival. The grounds at Whatley manor are very photogenic. We took Matt and Michelle off for some private portraits in the grounds as guest arrived. Matt and Michelle had their speeches before their Wedding breakfast, which worked very well and there was a lot of passing of embarrassing photos and some great comedy moments. The atmosphere was light and jovial and a lot of fun. We finished off our formals in the gardens and the rest of the evening panned out in a relaxed and social manner. It was great chatting to family and guests and it was so nice to be accepted as a member of their wedding party, not just as a photographer. Our day was filled with a lot of fun and emotion, we laughed and cried and I hope our photographs have captured these moments.

Matt and Michelle’s wedding photographs are available to view and purchase. It’s passworded, so drop me an email if you need to know what it is.


Here’s a few of our favorites from the day…so many great photos to choose from: