Hannah and John’s wedding at St. James and Balmer Green Hotel

We had a lot of fun photographing Hannah and John’s great wedding at Saint James Church, Shirley and then onto Balmer Lawn Hotel. As I look over the photographs that we shot, there was a lot of laughs and fun atmosphere. The weather pretty good for us, especially considering how bad it had been through the week…and the forecast looked horrendous…but the weather was just about perfect for us. But we didn’t want to assume the weather was going to stay good, so we bagged what we could…make hay when the sun shines!

Hannah was getting ready at Barry and Lynn’s house, which was a short walk (or in my case a short run) from the church. While John was getting ready at Balmer Lawn Hotel. So it made sense for Leanne to drive and drop me off first at Barry and Lynn’s place. It was certainly nice to be driven for a change! I arrived as Lynn and Michelle was having their make up done. I popped up stairs to shoot Hannah’s shoes and dress. Barry organised a full on breakfast and kept the Teas coming! Thanks Barry, you are a star! Amy arrived with Mum and Dad and soon it was time for the girls to get into their Bridesmaids dresses….they looked stunning! We cleared the room for Hannah to get into her dress, She looked amazing in her dress! She slipped on her snazzy shoes and then her 1935 yellow over black Rolls Royce arrived bang on 12:20 and the Bridesmaids were ready to leave for the church. This Beautiful Rolls Royce was supplied by Chartwell cars and it really did look the part! We had time for a few shots outside before they left and time for a Polaroid shot from their neibour’s….love that old stock! Once Barry and Hannah had left for the church…I had to run like a mad thing to catch them up….Leanne was on hand to catch them arriving.

It was very disappointing to hear that Saint James Church has a no-photography policy during the ceremony, which included the professional photographer…a very harsh and draconian policy. While I understand that they have had problems with Muppet photographers in the past, there was no discussion allowed either! We were banished to the rear of the church behind a glass entrance door. We took what we could under the circumstances…but this seems to happen to us every time we come to the new forest! The Ceremony was very nice and well ordered and performed according to the Anglican ASB. Soon it was time for their walk down the aisle as a married couple! We took a few formals outside and then the big groups shot and probably the best confetti moment of the year so far!

It was a nice gentle drive to Balmer Lawn Hotel and it was nice to have some time for drinkies and chit chat before we broke into their formal photographs. The weather was perfect, slightly overcast with bright sunny bursts. There was a really light and fun mood and the photos passed in a breeze. It was soon time for their wedding breakfast and the room looked great. Hannah and John made their announced entrance and service started at a prompt 17:30. The Service and food was excellent and soon it was time for their speeches. Barry started their speeches in fine form, with his dry wit. John made his brief address and David made a surprise speech too. Andy made a great best man’s speech and it was very funny. After coffee was served, we took Hannah and John for some private portraits in the grounds and then prepared for their cake cutting and first dance. The Band was all set up and ready for their grand entrance. Lighting in there was a little low, so we set up a set of small off camera flashes to give an extra sparkle to the their dance shots.  The band were called Crossed guns and they certainly knew how to make the room fill with music! We slipped out for a few low light shots of the venue before saying our good byes! It was a really fun day and certainly one of our highlights this year!

Hannah and John’s official wedding photos are now available to view and purchase, please click on the link below. If you want to know their password,  leave me your email address and I’ll let you know…or you can easily guess, it’s their new married name!

Hannah and John’s Wedding Gallery

Here are some of our favorites from the day: