Four Pillars Hotel: Cotswolds Water park

We are displaying our selection of Wedding photographic Services at the Four Pillars Hotel’s Wedding Show on Sunday 10th October 2010. If you’d like to see our work in closer detail or you fancy dropping by for a chat, we’d love to meet you!

This year we covered this venue for the first time and it’s a venue that we are particularly excited about. It’s not far from our studio and it’s situated among the tranquil lakes of the Cotswolds water park. As such, it qualifies for our 2010 local Wedding package.


The venue is a very modern building, with great use of Taupe, Coffee colours mixed with the great cotswold stone textures. Add some great ambient lighting and this venue really comes alive at night.


The coffee and lunch areas are complimented by a central stone fire place, which sets the scene and pace for the contemporary venue. The general vibe is alive with conversation and scent of fresh coffee. This is a Latte drinker’s paradise. This space, including the 1st floor balcony offers numerous group photo opportunities, if the weather is feeling uncooperative. But the real desire is to get your guest outside, using the lake as a back drop. Naturally, weather and temperature have a play here. But it’s really worth the effort. We shot here on Valentines day and there was still snow on the ground, so we kept our formal shoot to a brisk 10 minutes.


To the rear of the property is a a fantasic bare stone wall with great light from either side. This is a great spot for a few private portraits, but picking up on the modern vide from the venue. There is a staircase that offers a number of great photographic oportunities.


The food was excellent, as was the service. Everything arrived bang on time and nice and hot. It was well presented, again with a flair for the modern. In fact the food looked gorgeous. Anna and ollie had a lunch buffet and a Wedding breakfast options.


In the evening, the space to the rear of the venue offers a multitude of low light romantic photographic opportunities. Even the lights from the venue itself can offer a dramatic backdrop or scene setter pictures that sit very well in your album.










20090214-IMG_0932 - Final II 




20090214-IMG_1069 - Final


In March 2010 we will be at the Cotswold Water park Wedding show hosted at this venue, pop down and see us and have a look at what the fuss is all about