Studio Update

We have scheduled our builders to start construction next week. We have been quoted a 3 week build time. So our shell should be ready for early Febuary! Our March opening Target is looking very likely! It’s going to be brilliant! We’ll have changing facilities, a bathroom, a seperate viewing area, an office / IT area and naturally a nice big shooting space. Once construction has started, i’ll get some piccys.

Week one

Week one’s progress has been a little hampered by the snow, lots of it…even so, the wall that we needed building is  now built. We are just waiting for some lights to be fitted and the plaster to dry. Then i can get on with decorating it. The big job stars next week, when we have a large wall taking out and a ballistrade put in. This is to enlarge our shooting area.

Week Two

Things are progressing nicely, although a little slower than i’d hoped. The client viewing room is now plastered and has working lighting. My Office is habitable and I’ve got a make-shift Office set up. I’m waiting until i get back from Slovenia until i decorate these two rooms. I need the plaster to dry completely. The big news is that the main wall of my Studio shooting space has been demolished…Yay! Dust every where! The re-routing of the electrics, phone line and lights have been quite slow…but I’m really happy with the results.

  Week five

There’s been no updates over the last two weeks, mainly due to me being in Slovenia shooting landscapes. When i got back, I was so far behind with my enquiries, accounts and wedding show stuff I hardly had the time to write a blog update. So here’s a re-cap from the last two weeks.

The building work is finished and now it’s time to decorate and turn each room into their intended function. The first room that needed to be decorated was my new office. This space is a fair bit smaller than my old office space, so some of the furniture had to go and some tough choices needed to be made about what was to remain. Nikki (my wife) is the decor expert, she chose the wall paper and colour pallet for the room and this works really well. It’s been seven years since I hung a roll of wall paper! But it looks great and I really like the new space.

The Client greet area is half decorated, with just one feature wall wall papered. This room is next to complete and I’m really looking forwards to making use of this area. Our next wedding is in two weeks time and I’m on target to having this space ready for use by then.

The Studio area still requires the background supports fitting and a lot of painting. Most of it will be white, because it really helps with the Hi-key stuff but i’ll be looking at fitting some pull across black curtains to help with Low-key work. I’m also flicking through the KarnDean catalogue, trying to figure out what flooring I want to use. It would be nice to have the option of using the flooring as another colour pallet choice for toddler photos.

I’m really pleased at how the studio and extra spaces are progressing. It’s been really thrilling to see my hopes and photographic dreams all come together. As an idea it’s been in my head for about two years, but it was Julian and Sue Porter that really gave me the inspiration and confidence to turn my ambition into reality. Thank you Jules!

It’s a tight time scale that we have been working to, but we are right on schedule. We are aming at a March time launch and soon I’ll be turning my attention to our studio product, pricing and deliverables.

Week Six and Seven

It’s been a busy week! On sunday we were at the Swindon Marriot Hotel for a great wedding show. We met around thirty couples and it was thrilling to see you all. This week, i’ve had three meetings and two of our 2011 dates have now been booked. We also took a booking for a July mid week wedding for this year too. We still have one more couple to meet up with in a few weeks time.

Our Client greet area is now finished. The Sofa and cushions are in, I’m waiting for the coffee table to arrive. Cups, saucers and kettle are here…but no where to sit at the moment! In a few weeks, I’ll get the 32″ LCD screen and DVD player fitted. The office is having a little swap around at the moment, two of the units are coming out and a new one is going in over the next few weeks. it’s all messy at the moment….I’m re-making my wedding show boards.

The Studio space is really progressing, it all painted now but there’s a load of stuff that needs clearing. It gets so messy when decorating. My Hi-Key background roll and brackets arrived this week. It’s now installed and fitted and it’s really looking like a proper studio space….not long until it’s fully functional. Leanne dropped her Elincrom lights around during the week too, which brings our count to a usefull 6 lights, stands and bits. So they are in and set up…light balanced too. All I need is my sliding arm stand to arrive and that’s most of my kit sorted.


Latest Update!

Our Studio space is very nearly finished now. Just a few final details and touches…although we have shot a few sessions in it already. Our Client meet area has been used quite heavily over the last few months, it’s a great space to meet new clients and for picture viewings etc. My new office is a dream to use, so much space to edit photos, print (A3+), inspect and build albums. Here’s a few recent photos of our space!