Debbie and Nigel’s Stanton House Hotel Wedding

It was a really nice day for Leanne and Mark, not too bright and not too over cast. It was a little chilly but nothing too worry about. We didn’t see a drop of rain all day. The sky was diffuse and overcast, which is perfect light for wedding photography (no harsh shadows). Overall, their day proceeded without a glitch and was certainly a happy and emotional wedding!

Debbie and Nigel didn’t want any getting ready photographs, which is fine. So our day started at the Stanton House Hotel (which is just down the road from our studio), where Debbie and Nigel were to host their Civil Ceremony. Debbie arrived in a beautiful old Caddilac, finished in cream….very Blues Brothers! Stanton house Hotel is a beautiful old Gothic Manor House with so many great opportunities for private portraits and group photos. Swindon Registrars are one of the last towns in England to still ban photography from their civil ceremonies. Which is a pity that some feel the need to be so restrictive in this modern day….every one wants photos. Thankfully, due to some cunning new gear and some smart placing from me…I was able to cover most of the ceremony with out being noticed. Maybe not my best civil photographs, but at least Debbie and Nigel have a good record of their ceremony to remember. The ceremony was very moving which had it’s amusing moments…Debbie, I won’t say a word!

Debbie and Nigel had hired the Blues Brother’s tribute band to entertain their guests in the evening and they certainly looked the part….played the part and sounded spot on….Jake and Elwood were truly in the house! They were a lot of fun and a giggle to photograph. It was a really lovely day and had a gentle natural pace which was a delight! We had a lot of fun photographing their amazing wedding day and I hope you enjoy their photographs!

Debbie and Nigel’s official wedding photos are now available to view and purchase, please click on the link below. If you want to know their password,  leave me your email address and I’ll let you know……or you can easily guess, it’s their new married name!

Debbie and Nigel’s Wedding Gallery

We had a great time photographing Debbie and Nigel’s wedding and here are a few of our favorites from their day: