Leanne and Mark’s wedding at the Four Pillars, Cotswold Water Park

 was a brilliant day for Leanne and Mark, even though rain was fore-casted. We didn’t see a drop of it all day! The weather was a little cold and chilly at times, but everybody’s warmth and enthusiasm more than made up for it! The sky was diffuse and overcast, which is perfect light for wedding photography (no harsh shadows). Overall, their day proceeded without a glitch and was a notably happy and emotional wedding!

I dropped Leanne (my 2nd photographer) off at Mark’s Dad’s house to cover his morning preparations. Mark was already dressed and ready….well….I say that, his collar was up and his tie needed a little attention! I made my way over to Leanne’s Mum and Dad’s home to cover her morning preparations. I arrived to Peter and Tracy’s house to find a surprisingly calm house, where Dan Kingsley was doing some fantastic work with Leanne’s hair. She was looking beautiful and he hadn’t even finished! Peter was tying a ribbon onto his car for the Bridesmaids and Tracy was getting the little one’s into their Bridesmaids dresses. Leanne’s flowers were beautifully arranged by I.V. Florist. Leanne’s Bridesmaids went to get into their very fetching dresses while Dan and Leanne stopped for sweetie break! Charlotte and Bonny looked stunning in their dresses….sometimes it’s such a hard job being a photographer with so many lovely girls about! Nicole and Lily looked so sweet in their Bridesmaids dresses. Soon, it was time for Leanne to get into her wedding dress. Leanne looked absolutely amazing in her dress! Mum helped Leanne fasten her hoops to the back of her dress but Charlotte and Bonny were on hand throughout. All the girls rushed to the window to see Primrose arrive, a beautiful black and cream 1932 Rolls Royce 20/25…which looked amazing…and great to be photographing her again! Soon it was time for the girls to depart for the church and that meant it was nearly time for Leanne and Dad to get into Primrose and leave…bang on time I might add! Driving through North Swindon Saturday morning traffic in a Wedding Rolla is always fun and with loads of friendly waves and beeps from car horns.

Christ Church in Cricklade Street is a beautiful old Gothic church, which has an amazing presence inside. Three beautiful stained glass windows hang large and was a great place to hold their wedding ceremony. Rev’d Simon Stevenette ran a great ceremony, nothing quite like a good Anglican wedding service in my opinion! His message was thoughtful and very applicable to Leanne and Mark’s background. It was great to hear a choir too. Simon was very accommodating and encouraging to us as photographers and we managed to capture some great moments during their ceremony…even the moment when Leanne brushed away Mark’s tear as he gave his vowels…one of the most moving moments I have seen at a wedding ceremony! We had planned to photograph the formals out side the front of the church but it was very cold and I could see many of the girls shivering….so I suggested that we wrapped up early at the Christ Church and picked up the formals at the Four Pillars Hotel later. Primrose (their lovely ol’ Rolla) was waiting for Leanne and Mark’s departure and a slow but graceful drive through Purton and Cricklade was photographed by a crazy photographer in a convertible Jag! It was a lot of fun!

We arrived at the Four Pillars Hotel in South Cerney about an hour early, which was no problem with the staff. They were on hand with champagne and awaiting Leanne and Mark’s arrival with drinkies for them. We departed to the Mallard Suite for drinkes and a chance to chat. After about 1/2 hr it was time to photograph the formal shots, which we kept to the area close to the main building due to the slight chill in the air. These photos went well and were a lot of fun. We wrapped up in about 30 mins…not bad at all! Then it was time for Leanne and Mark’s grand entrance to the Mallard Suite and their great wedding breakfast. The staff were very attentive and friendly. The food at the Four Pillars is excellent as is their service. Before long it was time for coffee, and then champers ready for their speeches and toasts. Peter’s Father of the Bride speech was warm and simple, Mark gave a very hearfelt poem with his speech. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the room! Craig gave a brief but again, very warm Best Man’s speech….Mark got of very lightly! Before long, it was time for their cake cutting. We then retired for coffee and a rest, while the staff at the Four Pillars re-configured their suite and set up the dance floor. The DJ set up too and we took Leanne and Mark out for a few low light portraits before their first dance. All in all, a lovely day and lot of fun to photograph!

Leanne and Mark’s official wedding photos are now available to view and purchase, please click on the link below. If you want to know their password,  leave me your email address and I’ll let you know……or you can easily guess, it’s their new married name!

Leanne and Mark’s Wedding Gallery

We had a great time photographing Leanne and Mark’s wedding and here are a few of our favorites from their day: