Ruth and Niall’s Bath Wedding

We approached this wedding with a little trepidation, Ruth had organised a weddathon. A gloriously complex and interesting wedding that was to span a very long day. But one that looked on paper to be very fun and exciting, if a little daunting and tiring…it certainly was and was certainly one of our highlights of the year so far! We arrived in Bath a whole two hours ahead of schedule, mainly because parking in Bath is tight. We got the last car spot next to the Police Station. It’ll be safe there!

A quick reccie, a latte and a walk around the town to get our barings and we were ready for Ruth and Niall’s big day. I left Leanne at the White Hart Inn with Niall’s wedding party and I headed to Ruth’s parents house in north Bath. I gave Paul (Ruth’s Dad) a call on his mobile (it’s great to be organized) and I heard some wonderfull but loud Violin playing in the background. “Wow, is that’s a violin playing? Or has Ruth got her music on loud?” I asked. “Yes Gareth, that’s Ruth’s brother preparing and no it’s not a violin, it’s a Viola…” Which I thought was very funny. I stood completely corrected and it was to be the first of many musical lessons that I learnt at Ruth and Niall’s wedding!

Ruth’s morning preps were going well, but I have to say she was very calm and collected. I met Bobby and before long, we were out of the door and on our way to the Guild Hall for the first of Ruth and Niall’s ceremonies. It was great walking from Paul and Debbie’s house, though Bath and down to the Guild Hall and made for some great photos…especially bumping into very fun and sociable Police officer along the way!

The ceremony and the Guild hall was very gently paced and moving. Sam played his Viola beautifully as Ruth gracefully entered the hall and with great feeling and emotion, the ceremony comenced. I have to say that the Bath Guild Hall certainly know how to run a lovely Ceremony. We had a brief spot for some formals and then for a wet walk through Bath’s town centre to the delightfull Cafe Rouge. We all had our brollies with us and a few times I even had to stop Ruth from window shopping. It was great fun walking through Bath and one of the really fun parts of the day!

Cafe Rouge was great, we took a lot of informal shots of their wedding party having fun and Ruth and Niall treated us to a lovely Steak and Fritts. We then had a few hours until our next assignment, shooting Ruth and Niall’s afternoon wedding preparations. Paul and Debbies house was a constant flow of guests, with a lovely social vibe.

A short walk to Saint Swithins church and into a stunning church…and I’ve been in a few! Simon Holland ran a great service and again, emotion was very apparent. The the band…wow! So moving! Jo sung the first verse of Amazing Grace and I was literally moved to tears. Later in the service, Jo and Lizzy sung one of the most beautiful songs i have eaver heard…yet another musical lesson for me! After a brilliant service, we finished their formals and ajourned to the Bath Pump Rooms. There was a great vibe around the baths, guests catching up on old friends and relatives. Their guests sat for their wedding breakfast, while we took the opportunity to photograph Ruth and Niall around the Pump Room baths for some great low light portraits.

The food and service at the Pump Rooms was really first class and it’s amazing that they served so many guests so efficiently. Niall gave a moving speach and he had me and leanne in tears…Niall, you got me! Paul gave a great speach and treated us all to a slide show display that he’d put together and Cas gave his best man’s speach that left poor Niall with more than one worried look! He was very funny. I had trouble keeping my pictures sharp…he was very funny. The dance band were awesome and very very loud, but it took hardly no effort on their part to lift the whole room into a great dance….what a day! What a wedding! Talk about living it to the max!

Ruth and Niall’s Gallery

Ruth and Niall’s gallery is now available. It’s passworded, so please drop me email address and I’ll send your the password.

Here’s a few of our favs from the day: