Brian and Lisa’s Wedding

We had a lot of fun shooting Brian and Lisa’s wedding, it was an early start for us because we wanted to reccie and liaise the venue first. The weather was changble and we wanted to have a few photo ideas up our sleve. We met Brian at the hotel who looked surpisingly cool and calm…must be something to do with the hotel’s spa and massage service! Leanne stayed at the venue to cover the Brian’s wedding party and I popped over to Lisa’s Mum’s house to catch up with her pre-bridals. Rebecca was handling her makeup and was a smooth operator! Lisa looked stunning in her dress and makeup and her brother scrubbed up well too! The Cadillac and Studebaker cars were just sensational…most of their road seemed to turn out to take a looksi.

Their Service was at St Lawrence church in Gloucester. It was a sweet 5 mins drive…it took me longer to get across the field than it did to get there! It’s Lisa’s parish church and it’s a glorious ancient gothic church, set with working bells and Stained Glass windows. The Revd Ann Morris put on a really moving service which was performed deftly and very friendly manner. The interior lighting was a challenge, but the pictures are looking very promising! The church bells were REALLY loud, so loudly, I had to wait between blasts. Which was quite amusing. I couldn’t even hear my self think….in fact I think I can still hear them!

We had a lot of fun, the mood was very light and good humoured and I think that shows in the photographs that we took. Their reception was in the very well apointed Cheltenham and Gloucester Chase Hotel, a great venue with excellent service. Ample gardens and a good staircase. They offered pims as we arrived, which went down a treat…my voice was rasped by then. It was comfortable and warm inside but every wanted to socialise and catch up with friends and rellies outside in the open area. The food was great and the service was exceptional. No request was too much and actioned with astonishing speed. They manage an impressive tight ship. The Bridesmaids looked stunning and Loius…well, he was the third star of the day! Paul took a while to get into his zone with the speaches, but before long we were all in stitches. We took Brian and Lisa out for a few romantic photos under the moonlight…which was fun.

Brian and Lisa’s Wedding photographs are now available to purchase from our client area. Please click on the link, they are passworded, so drop me an email and we’ll let you know what it is : 

Brian and Lisa’s Gallery

Here’s a few of our favorites from their day…so many great shots to choose from: