Shooting Landscapes in Slovenia

At the end of a wedding season, I just love to get away from my usual genre and shoot some fun stuff. I particularly love landscape photography and this year I had a great opportunity to re-visit Slovenia in the Autumn.
Day 1:
The flight went well and it was great to be able to travel to Stanstead Airport with my friend John. In fact it was the easiest flight I’ve done in years and a real pleasure…topped off with a great breakfast at the airport. We arrived in good time at Ljubiania airport and decided to visit the castle grounds for some shots over the city scape with the setting sun over the distant mountains…perfect. The light didn’t last long and pretty soon the shot was over and it was time to head to Kranska Gora to check in to our hotel and find some dinner.
Day 2:
With a 5:30 start, we were up well before dawn. We started by driving to Lubjiania to get some early moring mist over the basin…but there was none. So we headed to Bled where there was plenty of glorious mist. Lake Bled has always performed for me and today it was the most spectaular display of enigmatic mist I’ve ever seen…stunning! In fact, it was so varied, it was tought to choose which photos to show. The weather turned for the worse in the afternoon and we headed into Lubjiania in the evening for some fun low light work. I got to use my TS-e 17mm a lot and it really was a lot of fun to use.
Day 3:
The weather was consiring against us in the north, so we headded to Piran on the coast, stopping at a few fab locations on the way. A collapsed cave, a Castle, and then on to Piran coast and harbour later in the evening light. I made grate use of my fisheye and TS-e lenses too…along with my regular kit. For such a tricky day weather wise, we packed in a lot of great photographs.
Day 4:
With a later start it was great to be able to catch up with some blogging, post production and much needed sleep. We found a great waterfall and followed the Soca Valley looking for good composition. Ending with a night shot – long exposure looking over the misty mountains. I made good use again of my TS-e and fish eye lenses, which are becoming a valued part of my kit bag.
Day 5:
With a 5:30 start, we were up well before dawn again. The weather was dissapointingly rainy…very wishy washy water. Guy and Marko descided that Lake Bled would offer us the best opportunity considering the dysmal weather….we had hoped for a sunrise over Primoz….but it wasn’t to be. Bled put on a stunning display of colour and was quite a different mood than i’d seen before. Very happy with the images and again very impressed with just how stunning St Mary’s is. We spent the rest of the day following the Soca valley. looking for photo opportunities along the way. But by 3pm it was time to head for the airport and return home.