Vicky and Luke’s Wedding at Guyers House in Corsham

We had a brilliant day photographing Vicky and Luke’s amazing wedding! It was certainly a lot of fun and certainly a reflection of what a fun bunch of family and friends Luke and Vicky have. The weather was pretty much ideal, with soft diffused light from the gentle over cast skies. The odd light shower and the odd blast from the sun kept us on our toes most of the day. Vicky and Luke wanted their ceremony performed at Freshbrook Evangelical Church, where they worship. Which looked totally transformed with the wedding flowers and chair ends. It’s a functional building and as such has some pretty tricky light to work with, but nothing that we can’t handle. Their reception was held at Guyers House in Corsham, near Chippenham. It’s a beautiful venue and one of those places that I feel that we barely scratched the surface of.

Our day started with Leanne headding to Freshbrook Evangelical Church where Luke was getting ready, that’s a first for us! The Groom getting ready at the church, which worked out very well. The bridal party soon found their way to the local pub for a few glasses of dutch courage. I made my way to Kate and Mick’s house where Vicky was getting ready. Vicky answered the door and was walking around in a pair of red spotted shorts, flip flops, a tee shirt and her veil…very amusing. She had already had her hair and makeup done and had just got back from the salon. Vicky made me a very kind cup of tea and that’s the first time I’ve ever had a Bride to be make me a cuppa! The house was flurry of fun activity, with Dad struggling with his cravat and Vickie’s three Bridesmaids and one flower girl getting ready. Lizzie, Sophie, Olivia looked beautiful in their matching light green bridesmaids dresses and Naomi looked fab in her matching flower girl’s dress. Soon it was time for Vicky to slip into her amazing wedding dress, with the assistance of Mum and her three bridesmaids. She looked stunning! With a 12:00 ceremony fast approaching, it was time for some quick portraits outside of Mum, Dad and Vicky and then time for the Bridesmaids and Mum to depart for the church. Their 1930 Armstrong Siddeley Landaulette finished in cream looked the part and took the girls on it’s first run of the day. The car was supplied by Corsham Classics and was a delight to photograph. Vicky waited with Dad…her moment had almost arrived!

Vicky arrived at the rear of the church, Freshbrook Evangelical church has a lot of narrow windows and it was the best entrance for Vicky so that she wouldn’t be seen until her grand entrance. She looked amazing with her bouquet in hand, her veil over her head and her Bridesmaids in place. She sent Mum down the aisle first, followed by her Bridesmaids and then she made her slow and graceful walk to Luke’s side. Luke’s jaw dropped when he saw Vicky! The ceremony proceed with a fun and lively pace, Steven Howe led the service from Kainos Christian Fellowship. Who led a very posied and fun service. Soon their vowels and rings were exchanged and time to to sign their register, while their amazing band played a number of Beatles songs to entertain the congregation. During the chorus, the band all got out their Kazoos, which was really funny, but not as funny as when the whole church got out their Kazoos during the last song. Vicky and Luke walked down the aisle…or rather half danced their way down the aisle as Man and Wife and led the way to nibbles and drinkies. After a short social break, we arranged their guests for one large group photograph outside the building before it was time for Vicky and Luke to depart in their cream Armstrong Siddeley Landaulette and make their way to Guyers House.

After a short drive, we arrrived and the very lovely and tranquil Guyers House in Pickwick, Corsham. It’s a stunning venue and a great place to host a wedding reception. It’s got loads of options for photography too. When everyone had arrived, we let people mingle and socialise for a bit before we started with their formal photographs…well I say formal, we started with a Space Hopper race first! The photos went well, but time was marching on, so we decided to finish their formals after their wedding breakfast and delivered their guests nice and early to the venue staff. We arranged every one for a great confetti shot and then their guests entered the wedding breakfast rooms. Vicky and Luke made their entrance and sat for service. The food and service was excallent and soon it was time for Mick to make his witty Father of the Bride’s speech, I’ll not look at eBay in the same light ever again! Luke made a fun and informal speech next but it was Simon and Tym who really entertained us with their Best Men’s Speech. Very funny and highly entertaining! Before long it was time for their guests to retire for coffee, while Leanne and I picked up some of their last formal photos. Again, these wre light hearted and a lot of fun! Croquet was played and the Space Hoppers got a lot of use too! We took Vicky and Luke for some private portraits in the gardens, these went really well and we finished with a few shots of Vicky in her red spotted wellies.

Soon it was time for Vicky and Luke’s first dance together, accompanied by The Deloreans, who were a fantastic live band. They had a great vibe and soon it was time to dance and party the night away! Later there was a Hog roast for their evening guests but it was soon time for use to depart and leave their friends and family to party the night away! We had a lot of fun and was one of the most memorable weddings of the year so far. Their friends and family were very warm and friendly and we all had such a lot of fun!

Vicky and Luke’s official wedding photos are now available to view and purchase, please click on the link below. If you need
to know their password,  leave me your email address and I’ll let you know…

Vicky and Luke’s Wedding Gallery

We had a great time photographing Vicky and Luke’s wedding and here are a
few of our favorites from their day: