Tara and Sam’s Wedding at Cumberwell Park Hotel

We had a great time photographing Tara and Sam’s amazing wedding day at Cumberwell Park Hotel. The weather was mostly very kind to us with just a few moments of light showers, but generally the light was very flattering. It was nice to visit a new venue for us, it keeps us on our toes and all adds to our fun day. It was great to meet such a nice crowd of friends and family, you all made us feel very welcome and apart of the day.

We arrived early to Cumberwell Park Hotel to have a nosy around and chat to Steven, our hotel manager for the day. After a quick reccie and a run though the day from the venue’s perspective, it was time for us to spilt up. Leanne stayed at Cumberwell Park to wait for Sam’s arrival with his Bridal party and for me to head over to Leigh park Hotel where Tara was getting ready. As I entered the room, I was a little dazzled by the activity! Tara had her make up on and looked amazing, in fact I hardly recognised her since our last meet up! She looked stunning! Her hair was being done and her Flower girls, Emily and Courtney were getting dressed. They looked very pretty in their matching dresses. Beccie, Matron of honor, looked fab in her Crimson dress and so did Haylie and Melissa in their matching crimson Bridesmaids dresses. Joshua and Bradley were all scrubbed up in their Pageboy’s outfit…naturally, within 10 mins their shirts were hanging out and ties all squiffed! Mum helped Tara into her dress and attended to the lace ups at the back, which had a striking crimson stripe running through her dress, very nice! She looked amazing and ready for her big day! Soon it was time to leave with her Dad and her car awaited, top choice for car….a lovely Jag!

Sam scrubbed up amazingly well and looked very smart as he waited for Tara to arrive at Cumberwell Park. The staff had arranged the room beautifully and it really looked the part. Tara let her two flower girls walk down the aisle first, followed by her two bridesmaids and matron of honor…Sam didn’t sneak a peek and his jaw dropped when Tara met him by his side, she looked amazing! Their civil ceremony proceded with a warm pace and it was so nice to meet a Wiltshire Registrar who has a more accommodating approach to wedding photographers! Naturally we are very discrete and careful with our ceremony photos, no flashes and a very quiet soft shutter. We try to be s unobtrusive as possible. Light was tricky in the ceremony room, but nothing we can’t handle. The ceremony commenced with great feel and poise. After making their vows, they exchanged rings, there was a slight moment where Tara couldn’t get Sam’s ring on, which was very amusing! Soon, it was time to walk down the isle
together as a married couple with a few cheery tears seem among the guests.

We all went outside to the private wedding garden for a chance to catch up on chit chat and have a drink. This area of the hotel is a really nice spot and is a great place for socialising and offers the perfect spot for a few group photo. Confetti was thrown and the Kids amused themselves by running amok and rolling down a bank…they had a great time to the dismay of their parents! The adults socialised and took photos of their new Bride and Groom. Soon it was time for the formal photographs to begin, these were quite fun and jovial. But rain hampered play and caused all of the guest to flee (honestly…just a little sprinkle). So it was time to break out my White Parasol and commence with a few Portraits of Tara and Sam. We left Tara and Sam alone for some “them time” and it was time to head back to the re-arranged Farleigh room to their Wedding Breakfast! The food was fantastic and the staff’s service was excellent. Speeches were short, with Tim giving a brief but touching Best man’s speech. Sam thanked their helpers and then it was time to cut their wedding cake. Tara and Sam had chosen lots of cup cakes but had one bigger cake to cut. We then took their guests outside to finish their formals and grab a bit of fresh air and erm rain….so we shot their group shot on the stairs and then returned outside for their last few formals.

After a spot of evening BBQ and a lot of chating and socialising, it was time for Tara and Sam’s first dance together. The DJ had loads of Pyrotechnics and smoke to add a surprise and some extra atmosphere. The partying carried on long after we departed and it was a very fun and enjoyable day for us. It was great to meet Tara and Sam’s friends and family, a really nice bunch and a big thank you for making us so welcome.

Tara and Sam’s official wedding photos will soon be available to view and purchase, please click on the link below. If you need
to know their password,  leave me your email address and I’ll let you know…but here’s a clue, Tara’s new married name is……

Tara and Sam’s Wedding gallery

We had a great time photographing Tara and Sam’s wedding and here’s a few of our favorites photographs from their day: