Cricklade Hotel

Cricklade Hotel is another fantastic local venue for us and one of our favorites (we are so blessed with so many great local venues). It’s about a 10 mins drive from our studio through some fantastic country roads and it’s not far from from the A419, so it’s very accessible. It’s just outside a quiet rural village and it’s got some amazing scenery, especially seen looking out over the stairs to the rear. It’s perfect as a wedding venue and offers a very friendly and personal service. Parking is plentiful and with easy access to the front of the house. The grounds are excellent for photography, either summer or winter weddings have a variety of shooting options here. The main stair case to the rear is the place of photographic choice for most formals. In poor weather, it’s more of a challenge but there are a lot of options. We’ve always been lucky with the weather at this venue, but it is rare for the british weather to rain all day. With the wide open vista to the rear, the light is usually pretty good and shooting can continue to fairly long after the sun has set. There’s also a walled garden, which is great for a few romantic portraits which work well in the late afternoon or well into the night time. The whole venue has a lot of character and the staff are very warm and attentive. The venue has recently been re-decorated, and looks very snazzy and up to date with it’s new black and gold features. Mark is the manager and we always find that he runs a very well organised crew and the service is excellent. We highly recommend this venue!

The food is great, Nikki and I are often there for the odd meal, it’s a bit of a favorite haunt of ours. It’s ideal for us because it’s not too far away for us, but there’s always the option of staying over if I’ve had a few too many to drink! It’s very comfortable and eating by candle light is always very special. The conservatory is a great place to welcome your wedding guests with a drink or two, with amazing views across the countryside. With views across the Vale of Cricklade towards the Wiltshire Downs, it’s also a perfect setting for some background music….a piano or harp maybe? The views at sunset really come alive, it’s truly spectacular and well worth a few portraits in that light if possible.  The accommodation is very pleasant and charming and in keeping with the style of the building. The bridal suite has a fantastic Four poster bed…which really looks the part. The Ball room is where most Wedding Breakfasts are prepared and the room is spacious and has very good access, easily accommodating around 120 guests. It’s great to go for a gentle walk in the walled garden after the speeches in the cool of the evening. There’s plenty of room in the Ball room for a live band and dance floor area, plus seated areas for chattier folk. There’s lots of clusters of chairs and sofas around the venue and it’s great to see so much conversation opportunities.