Back from Tuscany

I’ve just got back from Tuscany, ready for the summer season, most wedding photographers take early holidays because summer is the busy season. This year, we went to northern Tuscany for two weeks with our friends from Kim, Howard and Jake from Deal in Kent. We haven’t seen them for a few years and this was a great opportunity to catchup on old times, drink lots of Chianti and eat lots of ice cream.

Northern Tuscany is very different to the southern areas, which is what most people think of where Tuscany is mentioned. Rolling hills and well placed Laurel trees are what comes to mind, but the northern area is much more lush and varied. Quite a few wild Iris were budding. Yes we saw a lot of amazing hill top villages and rolling hills, but we also saw a lot more besides! Mountains, winding tracks, spectacular hills and so much more! We stayed at Howard and Kim’s villa in Longio, which is about 850m above sea level and is 52 turns (an amazing road) from Bangi di Lucca. Bangi di Lucca is an amazing town, steeped in history from it’s natural spas to famous patrons, poets, writers, actors and even an old Anglican church!  It’s a great place to hang out, chill with an ice cream (amazing ice creams) or a Cafe Latte. Parking and driving up the small lanes can be tricky, best to take nothing bigger than a Punto!

We visited Florence for half a day, which really wasn’t enough to even scratch the surface of what this amazing city has to offer. We did get to visit the Duomo, which was huge and spectacular…but oddly very plain on the inside. We visited a Damien Hirst’s diamond Skull (called “for the love of God“), which was expensive, brief and rather spectacular…for some reason it reminded me of MJ’s glove…I don’t know why! Then it was a quick visit to the Ponte Vecchio and another Ice cream (best yet!). A few landscape shots bored the kids silly and then time to head back to Lucca via the train during a Friday rush hour…rush hours are the same the world over!

We visited Lucca, which is one of the most charming cities that I’ve ever seen.  I could photograph this place for the rest of my life! I loved the antiquity of the place, but I love the amount of cyclists too. Lucca is even more entertaining in the rain (a bit like Venice in that respect!). Here’s a few shots from the last two weeks: