Canon Pro-Photo 2009

I've literally just returned home from the Canon Pro-photo day 2009. And what a day it was! Due to the joke of public transport, Leanne and I left Swindon at 9am and arrived at the Design Centre for 12:15, a mind boggling 3 hours later. We were nearly too late to see Jeff Ascough's seminar…which is the main reason for us going. But a little flirting and gentle emotional arm twisting, they let us in….to sit at the back on the floor like a pair of hobos…but it was worth it. Jeff's work is hugely inspiring and well worth the effort. He was in top form and his photography is simply the best that there is.

Whilst there, I had the opportunity to try out all of the newest Canon gear. The new 7D was there and that is one nice handling camera. It feels so good and it's AF is extreamly accurate. But the real treat was the new Canon 1Dmk4. It's built for war zones…literally. It's AF was just stunning, but the real suprise was just how quiet the shutter was…even at 10fps. This may well be the best wet weather camera so far. I didn't get a chance to try out the camera's files, it was a pre-production model but the images on the rear LCD looked very promising. I tried the very sweet but expensive 14mm II L, a seriously nice piece of glass. But I think I prefer the 16-35IIL for my wedding and landscape work. The new 100mm IS macro L was surprisingly usefull. I already own the current non-IS version and I was surpised how good the IS unit behaved and how fast the AF performed. So I got to play with all the new Canon toys. The new large format Canon printers were excellent, maybe replacing my Epson 7600 at some point.

It was great to see that Think Tank's UK distributer were there in force too. I really like their bags (it's a man-bag thang) and i've been using their Urban Disguise range for several years. This time I picked up a Skin Double and skin Chimp bags. These will make great lens bags for wedding services. They will allow me to load up with just a few lenses for each activity rather than lugging a big camera bag around all day…nice. I can't wait to use one at a wedding.

I saw lots of bizarre video attachments for the 5DII/7D/1D4 cameras (their HD video ability has caught many film maker's interest) and there's so much available for it already. Not my bag…but very interesting all the same.

So all in all…a great day, but Jeff really was the star of the show.

Here's a few shots of the day:


Lunch is always a treat at the Design Centre


This was shot using the new Canon TS-e 24mm IIL lens on my 5DII. It's a stunning optic…


This is a Shot of Leanne, feeling a bit jaded…like me. She's lit here by a funky new LED video light. Not my style, I like to "find the light" not "make the light" but still nice though:



Kind Regards, Gareth Cooper 29th October 2009