Day Three in Slovenia with Guy

This was certainly the hardest day of the 5 day trip. Sleep deprivation was starting to kick in, most nights I didn’t get to sleep until about 11:30 and I was up at 5:30 so that we could be at the car for a 6am start.

Today started with a photographic feast, the frozen waterfalls at Pericnik. We tried to get the car close to Pericnik, but the snow hadn’t been cleared from the path and the car just couldn’t do it. So we had a long 1/2 brisk march to the base. I nailed a few shots of the mountains though the trees, which was nice. The upper waterfall was our target and it’s a really steep and hard climb up there, especially in the thick snow with a heavy camera backpack on. I was certainly glad for the rest at the top, and the stunning spectacle of the frozen spikes was really worth the effort. My legs were sore and very tired after this hike. We stayed so long, we completely missed breakfast and headed to a nearby springs at Zelenci. The light was a little harsh and not too good. So after a few frustrated landscapes, we turned our attention to the frost shapes and ice patterns…which was a lot of fun and the very reason we were here! Macro lens to the ready!

We stopped for a very nice late lunch at Kranska Gora, probably one of the nicest soups that I’ve had in years. We then headed back to Lake Bled to hike up the side of a very steep hill to catch sunset over the Lake from above. It was a really tough climb, probably the hardest of the week. The view was very pretty and I’m glad to have made the effort, the shot was worthy of the climb. But the light wasn’t as stunning as it has been on other sunsets. It was nice to see Bled from a different vantage point though. As we descended, the best shots were around the lake at twilight…in fact Lake Bled looked stunning at cross over light. Duhh!

We had dinner at our favorite restaurant and we returned to shoot some stary night shots over the mountains. Which worked well, but our star trail photos still eluded us. After such a tiring and strenuous day, my bed beckoned. But after putting my batteries on charge and exporting my photos it was midnight again before I nodded off. 5:30am would come around really quick again! It was an amazing and thrilling day, but utterly exhausting.