December’s Gig

December is a mad month for GMC Photographics, with our wedding season well over. Much of our November is spent designing and editing albums for our many wedding clients that we’ve photographed over the fantastic season that we’ve just had. The album and print companies have very strict deadlines and getting albums finalised before the deadlines are imposed is always tight. But we did it and now that every album has been delivered to us….our effort was really worth it! So a big thank you to both our album and canvas wrap suppliers, but a bigger thank you to our clients who were able to find time in their busy pre-Xmas schedules to proof and verify their designs.

December is also my Birthday and this year it’s my big Four Oh! Yes, I’m now a member of the middle age club! To celebrate, Nikki took me to see Simply Red at their farewell concert at the Birmingham NIC. It was a stunning evening, with Macy Grey as support. Simply Red were in pretty amazing form, and sang 19 songs from their past 25 years. Which was great because they weren’t plugging a new album, but took us on a tour of their history covering their hits. I bought Picture book when I was a teen and they’ve always been in my life, it’s going to be strange not having them about any more! They finished the amazing night with Holding back the years, which is one of my all time favorite ballads and Nikki and I had a great dance to it. The atmosphere was electric and We had a brilliant time.  We got back home at around 1:30 am and in very good spirits! Next day, I downloaded the MP3 form the gig onto my iPhone and re-lived it all again!