Maranatha School Photographs

It was a lot of fun to photograph so many kids at this great school. Leanne and I had a great time and it was an excellent opportunity for us to try our our new Purple background…which worked at treat. Our first run was all the singles and then all of the groups. A long day, but worth every minute.  Now…boys…you really need to learn how to tie a nice man-sized knot…and not that peanut tight thing that was around most of your necks….lol!

Due to the nature of the photos, were’re not blogging any shots except for the group photo that Leanne shot earlier in the year. But they are all available to view or purchase here:

Maranatha School photographs online gallery

The on-line photos are copyright noticed, but purchased photos aren’t branded in anyway. There’s a great three for two offer on all simular sized prints…and please buy the bigger sizes because they are really worth it, the detail is there and the kids just look so great.

The Gallery is passworded, please ask Carol at the school for the password.