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Bags and Boots

My two biggest gear concerns for me as a photographer, oddly has nothing to do with photographic gear at all. It’s to do with bags and shoes….it sounds strange, but it’s true. I am always on the hunt for the perfect camera bag, that explicitly aids my personal style of photography. I’m also continually looking […]


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Canon Pro-Photo 2009

I've literally just returned home from the Canon Pro-photo day 2009. And what a day it was! Due to the joke of public transport, Leanne and I left Swindon at 9am and arrived at the Design Centre for 12:15, a mind boggling 3 hours later. We were nearly too late to see Jeff Ascough's seminar…which […]


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Hi, welcome to the GMC photographics Blog. Have a look around and i hope that you find some of our articles useful. Naturally, we write to help advertise our features and skills, but we get a large amount of photographers that look over our web site and pages who are inspired by our work and […]

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Choosing the right Photographer

It must be very confusing for a prospective bride to find an excellent photographer these days. There's a plethora of wedding photographers, with funky websites and hard sales techniques. Most of them are very nice and friendly, some are even recomended by various venues…but that usually points to good salesmanship, not good photography. Which one of these […]


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….Of Primes and Zooms

As many of you know, I love my primes. Especially the fast bright ones. I even drag these around when i’m shooting landscapes…to much amusement of my photographer friends. Many turn up with three f4 zooms. But I rock up with two f2.8 zooms and four fast primes. My bag is way heavier, bulkier and I […]


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