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GoldenTime Studio Shoot

Diane at GoldenTime Toys came to us with a really urgent photo request for their Winter 2010 board games catalogue. The time scales were very tight but we delivered the lot a day early and nailed every photo that they needed. We called in a few favours and Diane is thrilled at the results. 

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CVM-2010 Conference

UPDATE! As a studio, we support CVM, who are a Christian ministry with a heart for men’s spiritual needs and welfare. CVM sometimes have had a big conference in Coventry, where they literally hire out the most of the campus. It’s a huge do and a lot of fun. The site is like a small village […]

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Maranatha School Photo 2010

We recently photographed the kids and teachers of Maranatha School for their yearly group photo. Leanne shot 5 photos from a stationary position and we merged all your happy faces into one final print. Every one’s a winner! No blinkers and mostly happy smily faces. Here’s the two final shots and the they are available to purchase […]

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We Shoot Tap Dancers – TapAttack

Last week, we reacted to an urgent photographic need to shoot for TapAttack. A group very of talented young Tap dancers. Some of which happen to be in the Guinness book of world records! It was a little rushed and a bit little short notice. But our mobile Hi-Key studio worked like a treat and we […]


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